Why focus on User Experience?

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By Greencode Technologies   |  25th Sept 2018  

User experience (UX) is the overall experience of users of a website, program or mobile app. It is one of the most important factors that make websites or apps popular. We know there are many techniques to make websites rank better. But no technique will work if the user experience is bad. Web designers and developers develop applications and programs keeping the user in mind.

We all know that ‘Consumer is the King’. The same principle also applies to the digital industry. The user is important. Everything else is secondary. Once the user is convinced that your website is efficient, it will automatically garner leads.

Lead generation and conversion come easily with better User Experience designs.

Greencode technologies located in Mumbai is the Best Digital Agency that provides user experience designs to clients. We make websites and applications that best suit your needs.

The impact will create on the brand image is tremendous. User experience is all about the feeling that the users have while viewing your website.

Let us imagine that you have your company website. People view your website and start navigating through different pages. After clicking on numerous links within your website, they get lost and find it hard to return to the home page. They get confused and close the tab without taking any call to action. Your website was brilliant, it was created using all the latest technologies. But still, the user experience was bad.

Why? Because it was not a customer-centric website. The website designers didn’t keep the user in mind. All your efforts will go in vain if the user experience is bad.

Everything should be crystal clear. Any common man who visits your website should be able to understand what you are trying to convey. It is all about maintaining clarity. The text and visuals should be in harmony with the business identity.

It is time to look into some key factors that lead to better User Experience.

  1. The visual appeal of the website should be great. This includes color scheme and placement of text within pages. It should look fresh and innovative. The ideas should reflect originality and uniqueness.
  2. The website, mobile application and all other programs related to a single business should contain common elements that associate with the brand. There should be consistency so that there would be a better brand recall.
  3. The Call to Action button should be clearly visible. Especially if it is an e-commerce site, the shopping cart icon, the product description, and the payment options should be easily located. E-commerce sites should be created with extreme care.

What do you expect while viewing a website or mobile app? Ask this question before heading towards the website and mobile app development.

Always think of the user. This is the key to create better user experience designs. Greencode Technologies is the perfect choice to create websites that provide the best user experience. We develop websites keeping users in mind. We can also give you an insight into how our websites will help drives.

We don’t just create websites. We can perfectly predict how it will help you in generating leads.

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