Website Design

What is Web Design?

Web Design is a combination of various aspects such as web graphic design, information structure, website structure, user interface design, navigation, layout, usage of colors, fonts, images as well as icons, keeping in mind the search engine optimization goal. All of these elements make up the website design.

The process usually focuses on the front-end design, which is visible to the client, making navigating through the website easier and faster. Even if the content is top-notch, if the website is cluttered and has a messed-up structure, the client is not going to stay or visit again. Website Design ensures the required cleanliness. It involves planning, structuring, creating, and then, updating the website with the design.

Key Visual Elements of Web Design:


The arrangement of graphics, ad, as well as text.


The contrast, the color of the background and the font, making sure the text is visible.


Includes logos, images, icons, etc. as well as their appropriate sizing, placement, and animation, when concerned.


Font type, Font size, Font face, Font color, and ensuring that fonts are readable.


Content is King! Web Design also ensures content is readable, well-placed, error free, and balanced. Web Design and Content go hand-in-hand. Both have to be at their best.

User Friendly Interface

The technical side of website design to create a proper user-friendly interface. Attention is paid to navigation and menus, multimedia such as audio and video embedding, performance on different browsers and operating systems as well as devices, interactive elements, etc. with the help of server side scripting and visual side scripting.

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