Website Maintenance

Importance of Website Maintenance:

It is extremely important for any business having a website to conduct regular website maintenance. The Website is an important part of your brand and can have a huge impact on your business identity among your target audience.

Just having a website is not enough. Website Maintenance is necessary to attract new customers, maintain a ranking in the search engine, appear fresh, and present new information about your company and its services.

What does Website Maintenance consist of?

Fixing and Troubleshooting Issues:

Due to a server or hosting issues, a website may go down. If your website is down, it is a massive problem for your business and may lead to loss of business and clients. Other issues such as 404 Issues on pages and other critical issues need to be fixed as well. All of this is a part of Website Maintenance

Fixing Security Issues:

Security is a major part to ensure your business stability, and that includes the security of your website. When it comes to plugins or elements in your website, regular updates are needed to patch security exploits. Malware, Viruses, and Hackers are all major problems. Your data or your customer’s data could be stolen. Fixing such security issues is an important step in Website Maintenance.

Update Plugins and Coding:

The plugins that you have on your website may have errors and functionality problems. Updating them will fix issues and provide you with more features and an improvised experience. Some elements of code need to be updated as well.

Other Changes:

Information on your website might get outdated. A change in phone number, address, other information, cleaning information, or additions of certain new elements is all a part of Website Maintenance process.

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We will keep your website and plugins updated, add/remove sections, add call-to-action to relevant pages, create or fix contact forms, ensure proper linking and redirection, update photos and information, maintain the core functionalities, fix broken links, and give regular consultation and advice.

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