Email Marketing

Low on budget? Email marketing is the solution.

Email marketing is reaching to your prospects and customers through email. Email marketing is cost effective compared to other channels of marketing. For successful email marketing campaign, come to Greencode Technologies. With our expertise, we make sure that your customers respond well to the email.

What is the prerequisite for a good email?

The content should be proper and straight to the point. We have dedicated team of employees who specialise in all the services that we provide. Greencode Technologies is located in Mumbai and has established itself as one of the leading web design companies. To drive revenue through email marketing you have to keep several things in mind.

Greencode Technologies is an Email Marketing Service Provider which provides complete email marketing services.

According to reports, most people open their emails in mobile phones. Hence, you need to ensure that your email is designed to support the mobile devices. You need an email service provider that offers responsive templates that automatically adapt your emails to mobile formats. We understand the minute details involved in creating emails and you can trust us for creating successful email campaigns.

We create personalised content for your customers so that they feel a sense of importance. Targeted personalization increases customer engagement which ultimately results in more revenue.

You can also opt for segmented targeting. We segment your contacts on the basis of demographics and create content relevant to each group. Email marketing when done properly can prove to be the most effective.

Greencode Technologies is Email Marketing Company in Mumbai that can help you create tailor made content for different categories of customers and subscribers. With our services, you can measure the success rate of email marketing. Open rate, click rate, conversions can give a lot of information on audience response to emails.

We provide information on how many subscribers are opening your emails, how many are clicking on links inside, and how many are completing your desired action.

Email campaigns are low cost and convenient. It has the power to connect with the customers without having to shell much money from the pocket.

We provide customised services at affordable prices. Our clients have appreciated our sincere efforts in making effective email campaigns for their business.

We are a Bulk Email Service Provider company which has seen success in all the email marketing campaigns undertaken.

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