Website Redesign

What is Website Redesign?

In the era of the Internet, it is vital for you to have a website of your own – a website that is simple, elegant, fast-loading, easy to navigate, and frequently updated.

A lot of people think that once a website is designed, the work is done. But that is not true, Website Design is a continuous process and there is a need to redesign the website to keep the brand identity fresh and stay at par with the competitors in order to survive.

Website Redesign involves changing, and improving, various aspects of the website with the latest technology and trends, while also ensuring that the needs of the customers are kept in mind and the new design is still loyal to the established identity.

Website Design Process:


Website Design requires a proper strategy. What changes are required? What do customers expect from the company? We can use the user feedback to learn about their needs. Set proper goals and a path to achieve them.


Analyze the website of the competitors. Pick out elements that are working for them and could work for you. Once you are done analyzing and preparing, begin with the updating.


Choose the right tools. The Website may need both front-end redesign and back-end redesign; focusing on the appearance and layout, as well as the background UI and CMS system.

Test and Finalize

Once the updates are done, test your beta version of the redesigned website. Fix the minor bugs and technical issues, if any. Then, the website is ready for its launch. Ensure you have a backup to go back to if things go wrong.

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