Website Development

What is Website Development?

Website Development includes building, creation, and maintenance of a website. It also consists of web design, web publishing, programming, and managing the database. It deals with the logical aspect of the website. Website Design comes under Website Development as a whole.

Web Development includes various methods - hand-coding in a text editor, using programs like Dreamweaver, or using content management systems and various tools to create and edit websites through an interface. Web Development ensures that a website looks great, works fast, performs well, and is error-free.

Web Development includes front-end as well as back-end. Front-end developers focus on layout, design, interactivity, and responsiveness of the website using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, as well as its interaction with the database. Back-end developers use computer programs to manage servers, applications, and databases. They use server-side languages such as PHP, Python, Java, C++, Ruby, Dot Net, SQL, among others. There are also full-stack developers, who conduct both the tasks.

Large businesses have their own Web Development Team or hire a professional team to conduct the Web Development tasks.

Greencode Technologies – Best Web Development Company in Mumbai, India:

Greencode Technologies is a Web Designing and Web Development Company in Mumbai and we offer dynamic websites that have a professional look and feel to it. We offer the Best Web Development in Mumbai and our team ensures that the website developed by us is performing well, and meets all your business needs. We will enhance your customer’s experience on your website and you will definitely be highly-satisfied by our Web Development Service.

We, at Greencode Technologies, will provide you with a website that has a consistent layout and will adapt to screens of all devices. We will add ease of access features like navigation as well as search functions. Our team is one of the most experienced at creating and developing the responsive website using advanced tools.

At Greencode Technologies, the top Web Development Company, Mumbai, we believe in working closely with clients and coming up with a fully-functional website. We guarantee a 100% client satisfaction with our work, with required customizations, smooth user-interface, and proper integration of server, applications, and database.

Our team is filled with website development professionals with years of experience in this field, and we cater to all sizes and types of businesses. Our strategy involves planning, organizing, designing, and managing, along with dedication, and hard work, resulting in absolutely fantastic reviews and customer satisfaction with our Website Development Company.

Our services also include Website Design, Website Redesign, Web Application, Portal Design and Development, CMS, and Digital Marketing and Branding. We are a one of a kind service, and we excel at any task with dedicating our minds to. Our Web Developing Team has a proper and high-level understanding of Website Development and we are proud of our service and expertise.

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