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Multilevel marketing is network marketing. Multilevel marketing software is software that aids multilevel marketing. Greencode Technologies, in Mumbai offers Multi-level Marketing Software to companies dealing in network marketing. It is selling directly to customers or through salespeople recruited by company. Multilevel marketing works like a network. Salespeople sell products to customers. The same salespeople recruit other individuals to facilitate sales. Commission is granted to the salespeople based on sales generated by individuals recruited by them.

How to keep record of the sales and commission?

Greencode Technologies’ MLM software comes to help. We are the best Multilevel Marketing Software provider in Mumbai. We provide MLM software that keeps record of all activities related to sales. Network marketing is different from other sales models. There is a chain of distributors who sell products directly to customers. Individuals earn income by selling products directly and earn commission through sales of other individuals recruited by them. We provide MLM software with advanced features. All information pertaining to sales are recorded with the help of our MLM software. We manage customer and distributor relationship through our MLM software. Our MLM software is built to support all data related to distributors’ income and profit generated.

Today, many companies are involved in multilevel marketing. These companies are in dire need of MLM software to handle their data. Our MLM software services are designed to suit our client needs. As an IT company, we provide software solutions that meet your expectations. Our aim is to make your business process easy with the latest technology. We know what is best for you.

We have MLM software that produce accurate results. We provide services to companies of all sizes. Small, medium and large scale businesses can approach us for MLM software services.

Greencode Technologies can help make your multilevel marketing business function smoothly. Multilevel marketing cannot be carried out efficiently without software assistance. We deliver high quality software for hassle free business operations.

With MLM software, it is possible to keep track of every business activity. The preciseness of software systems has an impact on sales and profits.

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